Chosen of The Sun

Session 1

After some planning, and a lot of and trying to garner interest, this campaign finally kicked off. Here I’ll provide a quick summary of the characters and the first session. Keep in mind that I rolled these characters for the players initially, so as the campaign has been going on they’ve been infusing their personalities into them, especially as they begin to detail their backstories.


  • Jiro: Concept-Smooth-talking swordsman.
    Motivation: Eradication of the Dragon-blooded.
    Backstory: Jiro grew up in the City of the Steel Lotus with his father and mother. At 8, he moved away to the islands of the South-west with only his father. After his father’s murder at the hands of a Dynast, Jiro took his revenge by murdering him in his sleep. As Jiro grew older, he amassed a gang of 100 men who defended his island from the Dragon-bloods who so often sought to take the island. One day, when fighting a group of four Dynasts, Jiro’s entire group of seven men were slaughtered. Becoming enraged at the murder of his comrades, Jiro exalted as a Dawn caste Solar and quickly slaughtered the remaining Dynasts.
  • Obsidian Tempest: Concept- Warrior Monk
    Motivation-See the decay and destruction of the Dynasty.
    Backstory- Still to come.

Session One

This session was designed to get them used to some of the main mechanical aspects of the game, mostly combat. They were given the backgrounds that they were pirates and rolled with it. Upon arriving at an island, everyone in town was in a panic. After searching for info and discovering that often trouble had been coming from the forest on the island, Jiro and Obsidian Tempest picked a fight with a punk in town. After deftly defeating the guy and scaring the ever-loving crap out of the townspeople with their flashy anima displays, they headed for the forest. After searching around a lot, and finding many impaled bodies on spears in the area, the happened upon a hulking spirit with glowing orange spirit in the clearing. Deciding that “diplomacy is for suckas” They engaged in combat with the spirit. OT furiously oneshotted it with his Solar Hero Form combo. Taking stock of the supplies left in the clearing, they moved on deeper into the forest, looking for the spirit’s “master,”.

After trekking to the deepest center of the forest they found and defeated a bow-wielding assailant and resolved that they had taken care of the issue, they sailed into the evening.

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